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National state parks

The population of the world is steadily growing. As it does, the beauty of nature is being encroached upon. Less and less of the natural wild is left for the growing human population to enjoy and appreciate. The US national parks list outlines some of the few places that remain where technology and society have not marked the environment.

Yellowstone was named a US national park in 1872. Since then 58 other national parks in the United States have joined the Us national parks list. The idea of a national park is to preserve a large area of land. National parks in America are protected by law from many different human activities, such as hunting, and only specific buildings are allowed to built in specific places.

National state parks provide people with an opportunity to see Mother Nature in all her glory. People visiting national parks can go camping and hiking, and they can enjoy views that are unblemished by the ways of man. The US national parks list provides people with a guide to the different areas that the government protects.

Many of the different parks have unique traits that helped them to become national parks. They are often very large, stretching for many miles. A good US national parks list will detail some of the unique characteristics of each park.

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