Four of the Best State and National Parks in the USA

National parks in us

Did you know that, according to the National Park Service, there are nearly 400 national parks in America? In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt signed into law the Antiquities Act that allows the federal government to designate areas around the country as national landmarks and historical sites. Because of this the National Park System has grown by leaps and bounds.

Are you aware that, according to Internet World Stats, 78.1% of Americans use the internet? The fact is the internet is an incredibly important, incredibly useful tool. However, it is possible to get sick of constantly being connected to the world’s most powerful informational tool. If you are looking to get away and reconnect with nature, here are four of the best state and US national parks.

  • Big Bog State Recreation Area
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    Big Bog, one of many state parks MN has to offer, is known as the “last true wilderness” in Minnesota. What makes it one of the best state parks MN residents and Americans from all over flock to? The 500-mile peat bog plays home to a wide variety of wildlife, plant, and insect species that are seen here in ways they are not elsewhere. If you want to camp, hike, and sight-see in a distinctive setting, try the best in state parks MN. Big Bog is exactly that.

  • Acadia National Park
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    Acadia is one of the most well-known national parks in US territory. Located in Maine, the area features great climbs, seal habitat, and scenic views of the Atlantic ocean. Did you know that Acadia is the first national park east of the Mississippi river, according to the National Parks Service? It is the first and remains one of the best on the Atlantic-side of the Land of the Free.

  • Yellowstone National Park
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    Yellowstone is arguably the most famous of all the national parks in the United States. Spanning parts of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, Yellowstone plays home to famous geysers including Old Faithful. The park remains an extremely important source of habitat for the Grey Wolf, Moose, and many other American species of animal that are seeing their natural habitat shrink around them. If you are looking for a national park that offers days of hiking, incredible natural views, and a huge variety of wildlife, Yellowstone is a great choice.

  • Letchworth State Park
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    Letchworth, located in Upstate New York, is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East” because of the incredible sites offered by its gorge. Letchworth is littered not only with trails, Native American history, and some of the best fishing around, but it also is home to some of the most incredible locations for viewing fall leaves in the entirety of the United States.

Whether you are looking for one of the many incredible state parks MN has to offer or you are looking to visit the many famous national parks Teddy Roosevelt helped to protect, there is something for you in the United States. Stop burning out your eyes and wishing you had more of a connection with the natural world. Do your research, get in the car, and enjoy the sites and sounds of all our wonderful American parks.

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