Install a Great New Dock to Enjoy Your Boat All Summer

Dock float

Last summer, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) announced that the annual economic value of the U.S. recreational boating industry is more than $121 billion. From 2011 to 2012, powerboat sales increased 10% to 157,300 and new sailboat sales grew by nearly 30% to 5,945. If you are thinking about buying a boat or just bought one, then you should also consider investing in a new floating dock. Having your own dock is great for enjoying your boat as much as possible, and floating docks offer a number of distinct advantages over other options.


Because of the way they are built, floating docks can be customized and tweaked to meet virtually any specifications. Whether you want a simple linear dock that allows you to just park a boat or two, or one with different slots for several watercraft, floating docks can be easily customized. As a result, they make it possible for every boat owner to build a dock they love.


Galvanized steel docks are perfect for boat owners who want to make sure their investment is worthwhile. Wood and other materials can break down over time, but galvanized steel will last for decades. Plus, it requires virtually no maintenance or upgrades, unlike wood that needs to be treated, to maintain its structural integrity.


Because steel floating docks are built to be strong, they are able to stay solid even when the water is choppy. Falling off of a rocking dock might be funny to those watching, but doing so can also be dangerous. Investing in a solid dock that won’t rock and roll too much can help make sure your walk to the boat is always a safe one.

A Nice Aesthetic

Every boat owner will have different goals and ideas when it comes to making sure that their dock is not an eyesore. While some might prefer the simple, classic look of a completely wooden dock, many will find that galvanized steel gives an awesome contemporary aesthetic.

In addition to finding the right dock, boat owners who want the most fun on the water should add some accessories to their dock. Items like pile caps add to the look of a dock, while dock boxes and power pedestals help you get ready for spur-of-the-moment trips onto the water. And anyone who enjoys tearing through the water on a wave runner or jet ski will certainly appreciate a personal watercraft platform.

When it comes to docks, boat owners have a number of different options to choose from. But because of the advantages that they offer, floating docks made out of galvanized steel are always a great choice. They provide owners with all they need to get the most out of an investment in a new boat.

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