Take a Hike! At a National Park, of Course

National parks in america

The next time you have a vacation coming up, the first thing that you should be reaching for is a US National Parks map. What better way to take advantage of time off from work than to relax in a beautiful wilderness setting, taking in the grandeur and panorama of your state’s and nation’s parks?

  • What Are National Parks?
  • National Parks in the United States are different than the tiny little park that is set up in the middle of your neighborhood. That is not to talk down on that tiny little park, mind you, but United States National Parks are a sight to behold.

    National parks are, first and foremost, established for conservation purposes. They are often reserves of natural, semi-natural, or even developed land, that a sovereign state owns. Although each nation can designate their own parks differently, they follow the same idea: that they conserve wild nature for both posterity and as a symbol of national pride.

  • Why Go There?
  • You go to a national park to enjoy the conserved nature found there. Because the national parks are almost always open to visitors (except for when the government shuts down), by going there, you are supporting them. Most parks provide outdoor recreation and camping, as well as the opportunity for classes that have been designed to educate the general public on the importance of conservation, and the natural wonders of the land where the park is found.

  • Where Are They?
  • You can find a US National Parks map or a US National Parks list right on the government’s website dedicated to National Parks. There is at least one park in every state, all you need to do is a quick search to find which are closest to you. You may have to trek an hour or two to get to one, but most vacations require a little bit of travel, so that hour in the car should be expected.

Have you picked up your US National Parks map yet? Consider it. Hopefully the preceding info has convinced you that a National Park truly is one of the most beautiful, ideal vacation spots around. Try one out for your next vacation. You will come back more relaxed, more relieved of stress, than you have ever been before.

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