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Moose ahead!
As the group of Louisiana gymnasts tried cross country skiing for the very first time they nearly missed out on a moose siting. The 15 girls and two of their coaches were so focused on mastering this foreign skill that most were looking no further than the tips of their newly fitted skis. With poles in hand the group attempted to navigate the snowy trail without injuring themselves or their teammates. It turns out that flailing poles were every bit as dangerous as the skiing process itself for these girls who were far more skilled at staying on a four inch beam than they were keeping themselves on the groomed trail.
As the group scattered and increased the distance between each other, the first three in the group missed the Alaskan wildlife event. These leaders were so focused on distancing themselves from the rest of the group that they did not notice the large animal in the open snowy field. As the moose calmly munched on some low hanging branches, the girls did not even notice. The next group of skiers, however, got their skis and poles somewhat tangled with each other and had stopped to regroup. As the worked to quiet their laughter and calm their racing hearts, one of the girls spotted the moose. Since the large animal was a safe distance away, the girls pulled out their cell phones, took a few photos, and posted their siting on social media.
For a group of girls who hailed mostly from Louisiana and Texas, the novelty of even wearing a stocking cap took some getting used to. The fact that the group was surrounded by towering mountains and snow was indeed novel. Add in the fact that they were now near a moose and the athletes were beside themselves! All of the waiting and fittings at the sports store was worth it. They not only had pictures of themselves trying a new sport, they also had pictures of themselves with Alaskan wildlife.
Sports Stores Around the Country Feature Regional Offerings as Well as Some Common Inventory Items
Whether you are looking for archery equipment or paddle boarding tips, a sports store is often the best place to start. And whether you are a Louisiana gymnast cross country skiing for the very first time or you are an avid rock climber, a sports store often has the equipment that you will need. From scuba diving equipment in Florida to rock climbing gear in Colorado, sporting goods stores offer their customers tips and suggestions, as well as the needed equipment.
Not surprising, many of the sports and activities that people participate in are based on the social aspect of being with friends. In fact, 70% of all trips are taken with friends. And while some sports like running and kayaking can be done solo, many sporting enthusiasts prefer being in the company of friends and family when they try out a new sport or revisit a favorite old sport.
Where you live and where you vacation often determines what sports and activities you participate in. For instance, while swimming, running, and biking are sports that take place in any part of the country, many other sports are regional according to what offerings are available. Paddle boarding, for example, is a popular sports in places like the Lake of the Ozarks, while skiing is popular in places like Colorado, Utah, and Alaska. One activity that is popular across the country is camping. Although the camping equipment needed can vary according to temperatures an locations, all told consumer spending on camping equipment averages nearly $1.8 billion a year.
What are your plans for the upcoming summer? do they include outdoor adventure sports that will require you to rent or purchase the necessary gear? If so, you will likely find much of what you need at a local sporting goods store that can offer you tips and advice as well as the latest equipment. Whether you are planning a group trip to Alaska or a family adventure to Florida, the local sporting activities may be of interest to you. Adventure vacations allow travelers to enjoy scenery and get exercise!

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